Characters Cast
Cathy Cavadini

Catherine Janet "Cathy" Cavadini has been doing hit comedy shows as The Powerpuff Girls And now she is coming back as she will make Sky Rat.

Doing The Powerpuff Girls

When Cathy first made The Powerpuff Girls, she was surprised how he made 5 seasons. As we know that What a Cartoon! has 2 shorts, sky rat maybe has more seasons too. The Powerpuff Girls was a success in 1998-2005 and is one of the best series on Cartoon Network. As of now, The Powerpuff Girls is being sold with productions as it is popular, in 2016, Cathy is replaced by Amanda Leighton. Cathy got ideas from the series to make Sky Rat.


  • She did The Powerpuff Girls.
  • She is the voice actor of Sky Rat.

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